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Clear Prediction
Use these transparent glass, base, and ladder with translucent dice and get the numbers you want on the dice! You can do it on a normal table or instruct a spectator to hold the ladder. This is completely different from previous dice towers. Everything is clear.
Comes with a glass, a flat base, and a ladder. Please purchase Clear Prediction Dice separately.

MSRP(Japanese Yen): 13,200See Yahoo! Currency Converter
Clear Prediction Dice


The dice for Clear Prediction, available in 12 mm and 16 mm. Two 12 mm dice can be thrown into the ladder, although two 16 mm dice are too big to be used at the same time. Each size is available in red and blue, which are designed to be used with a red deck and a blue deck.
Also, the dice are available in two types, Normal and Perfect.
Perfect dice: Both the gimmicked face and the other five non-gimmicked faces are fabricated in the same way. Spectators can thoroughly examine the dice and they will not notice the gimmick.
Normal dice: Only the gimmicked face is fabricated. These dice work fine in most types of routines.

Here are the eight variations of dice:
12mm-Red/Blue-Normal(7 dice set)  MSRP (JPY): 8,800
12mm-Red/Blue-Perfect(6 dice set)  MSRP (JPY): 18,700
16mm-Red/Blue-Normal(7 dice set)  MSRP (JPY): 9,350
16mm-Red/Blue-Perfect(6 dice set)  MSRP (JPY): 19,800
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Dowsing Hammer
Dowsing is a method to locate materials such as ground water by using a wooden rod, a pendulum, or any other simple apparatus.
With Kreis Magic's Dowsing Hammer, you can locate a glass filled with water.
It actually empowers you to find out where water is hidden.

In January 2015, Mr. Maric used Dowsing Hammer in his performance for a New Year TV special aired in Japan.
The magician pours water into one of several glasses and then each is covered with a paper bag.

The glasses are placed on a transparent turntable. After a spectator rotates the table, nobody knows which is the glass filled with water.
But, the magician can located it.
It is an ultimate dowsing magic.
Even when you see the hammer in your hand, you will still wonder how such an effect is possible.

* Can be used with transparent glasses and a transparent table.
* Can be repeated as many times you want.
* Fully examinable before and after the effect.
* One year warranty.
* No clothing limitation.

MSRP(Japanese Yen): 49,680 Discontinued
Cointum Tunneling
The magician shows a clear small container and takes off the lid. There is a coin inside. He picks it up and screws the lid onto the container. He then slams the lid with the coin. As a result, the coin immediately penetrates into the container. You can give it to a spectator to take out the coin from the container.

MSRP(Japanese Yen): 2,700 Discontinued
Micro Psychic 2.0
Another masterpiece from Kreis Magic! It looks similar to its predecessor, but a brand new version.

Spectator fastens the nut on the bolt and then the nut rotates in both forward and reverse directions. The direction is fully controllable. The reverse rotation looks almost like turning back the clock.

The M8 size bolt with an inside diameter of 5mm contains an electronic circuit which makes the nut rotate in forward and reverse directions. Kreis's surprisingly precise machining has made it feasible.

As same as the original version:
- Nothing to hide in your hands.
- Can be repeated as many times as you want.
- Fully examinable before and after the effect.
- Easy battery replacement.
- One year warranty.
- No clothing limitation. You can wear short-sleeves, or you don't even have to be wearing clothes.

When you get one, you will be surprised to see the sophisticated mechanism.

We have made a modification to the design of Micro Psychic 2.0, shipped from us after November 2014.
The bolt size has decreased from M8 to M6 which has an inside diameter of only 4mm. It still contains the electronic circuit which makes the nut rotate in both forward and reverse directions.

MSRP(US Dollar): 160.00 Discontinued
There are four different coins placed on top of a small box. Also the box lid has four different numbers (1, 2, 3, and 4) printed on it.
The magician moves the four coins to the four positions according to an order chosen by a spectator. When the spectator removes the lid, another four coins are found inside the box in the chosen order.These prediction coins are not just placed, but firmly fixed to the box.
Based on Mr. Yoichi Akamatsu's idea, Kreis Magic produced this trick.

MSRP(US Dollar): 39.95 Discontinued
Micro Psychic
Kreis, the ultraprecision manufacturer, has created a new ultimate psychic effect.

A highly reliable product from Kreis, with six months warranty!
As a result of much trial and error, a masterpiece comes out.

Kreis's Micro Psychic

Japanese top magicians have got attracted when they first saw it.
Micro Psychic has sold out within a day in many stores around the world.
Incredibly impactful effect!

The new trick from Kreis is a psychic effect. A nut visually moves and drops off from a bolt all by itself.

A spectator screws a nut onto a bolt about half way and then you hold it at your fingertips.
Audience can always see your empty hands.

But ...

Suddenly the nut starts to rotate and finally drops off.

- Nothing to hide in your hands.
- Can be repeated as many times as you want.
- Fully examinable before and after the effect.
- Easy battery replacement.
- Six months warranty.
- No clothing limitation. You can wear short-sleeves, or you don't even have to be wearing clothes!

Since Micro Psychic can be performed in various situations, it can be easily adapted to your performance lineup.

The gimmick is almost self-contained within the bolt and nut, so that you can repeat the effect as many times as you want.
Micro Psychic contains electronic devices but looks perfectly normal.

Therefore, you can let your audience themselves screw the nut onto the bolt and also you can hand the bolt and nut to them immediately after the effect. No switches are required, so that there is no suspicious move.

Electronic devices need battery replacement but there is nothing to worry about.
Micro Psychic uses a battery cell which is commonly sold in stores and you can easily replace it by yourself.

When you get one, you will be surprised to see how it works.
And shortly after that, you will want to show it to your audience right away.

Create your own show with the Micro Psychic's stunning impact.

MSRP(US Dollar): 160.00 Discontinued
Magician appoints a spectator as an assistant.Another spectator is asked to select a card. Everyone, except the magician and the assistant, see the card and remember it. Let's say that the selection is Seven of Diamonds. The spectator puts the card back in the middle of deck. Magician explains that riffling deck makes the card information rise to the top of deck. He riffles the deck, and then gives the top card to the assistant. Let's say that the top card is King of Clubs. The assistant receives the King of Clubs and looks at it carefully. When magician asks the assistant about the spectator's card, the assistant reveals it correctly - the answer is Seven of Diamonds.
You may not realize its true value on the video... Just get one, and you will be surprised!
MSRP(Japanese Yen): One card (Red or Blue) - 1,728 / Two cards (Red and Blue) - 2,376
Magician has a marker pen. A spectator is asked to draw something using the Chisel tip, but cannot draw anything because the tip has dried out. Magician tries to draw something using the Bullet tip, but only finds out that the Bullet tip has also dried out. Strangely enough, magician says, "The both tips are not usable. That means, the battery has run out." Inside the marker pen, there sure is a battery. The magician replaces the old battery with a new battery.
After that, both of the Chisel and Bullet tips become usable. Great joke for Ambitious Card routines.

The performance #2 consists of two sections. The first section is a routine which Mr. Matsunaga Tomoyoshi of the Magic Hall of DREAM PLAZA Co., Ltd. has created and kindly allowed us to feature in our video. Inspired by this routine, Kreis Co., Ltd. created and filmed the routine in the second section.
MSRP(Japanese Yen): 3,024 Discontinued
The performer displays a rod, which has a red string at each end. One tag has a picture of a boy, the other has a picture of a girl.
The performer tells an Asian myth, in which lovers are connected by invisible red string.
When the performer pulls the boy tag down, the girl tag rises as if they are connected. But the center part of the rod is transparent, so audience can see that there is no string between the two tags.
There are two versions of Connection: big and small.
The small version can be completely disassembled at the end, but you cannot disassemble the big version.
MSRP(Japanese Yen): Small-2,592 Big-3,888 Discontinued
The performer displays two bolts. A spectator choose either of the bolts. According to the spectator's choice, the performer picks one of the bolts and shakes it up and down. The shaken bolt is gradually shortened. The shortened bolt and the other normal bolt can be handed to the audience for examination.
MSRP(Japanese Yen): 3,960 See Yahoo! Currency Converter
Magic Slim Water
A plastic bottle is shown, which is filled halfway with water. The magician claims that it is special water, which has a dieting effect, and takes a gulp of it. After that, he shakes his body. At the same time, he shakes the bottle too. Then the bottle gets deflated and becomes thin. The magician shrinks his body as thin as he can, and declares that his diet has been successful. But unfortunately, the dieting effect lasts only one minute. The deflated bottle begins to inflate, and gets back to the original state.
MSRP(Japanese Yen): 3,024 Discontinued
The magician places a card case on the table. The case contains a deck, which serves as the prediction. A spectator is asked to select a card from another deck. The selection is the eight of diamonds. The magician picks up the case, and takes the deck out of it. The cards are linked together somehow. Being unfolded, they form a shape of a diamond, consists of eight of triangles. That means, the prediction is the eight of diamonds. Upon the cards are split, the eight-diamond card appears.
MSRP(Japanese Yen): 4,104 Discontinued
Two Way
A metal box is displayed. There is a prediction inside.
Two decks are placed on a table. One is red-backed, and the other is blue-backed. A spectator chooses either of them (not a magician's choice). The magician takes the chosen deck, and mixes the cards well. Some cards become face up, and the others face down. The cards are spread on the table. The magician removes all the face-down cards to leave the face-up cards only. The remained face-up cards are given to the spectator. Then spectator does the same as the magician did. This is repeated until one face-up card is left.
When the box is opened, there found a chip having the same suit and value as that of the remained card.
MSRP(Japanese Yen): 3,024 Discontinued
Cork Stopper
The magician wraps a cork with a bill, and fixes it using a rubber band. The bill is rolled up like a tube, and the space inside is divided by the cork into the upper space and the lower space. The magician puts four coins into the upper space of the tube. The coins, one by one, are dropped to the table, penetrating the cork. For the last coin, the magician puts it into his pocket, but it appears from the tube. Everything is examinable after the effect.
MSRP(Japanese Yen): 3,024 Discontinued
Hole Surprise
Uses three cards that have a punched hole. They are fixed together by a bolt threaded through the holes. A spectator signs on the middle card. When the signed card is pushed between the other cards, the card slides. That means, the hole on the middle card moves over, and now it has come close to the signature. At the end, the bolt is removed from the card and audience finds that the hole has been moved. Everything is examinable after the effect.
No explanation video on the web site. An explanation DVD is supplied with Hole Surprise.
MSRP(Japanese Yen): 6,480 Discontinued
PK Finger
A 10-dollar chip and a 100-dollar chip are displayed. Then, the chips are put on a spectator's hand. The magician picks a court card from a packet of cards. Tapping the 100-dollar chip with the card, it changes to a Dollar coin. The supplied magnet can be used for other purposes as well. With this magnet, you can use your own ring just like a PK ring.
MSRP(Japanese Yen): 3,888 Discontinued
Safety Box
A small brass box is displayed. There is a hole at the center, and a bolt is penetrated through the hole. The magician unscrews the bolt. Then, the box is handed to a spectator, and the lid is removed. There, a coin lies in the box.
MSRP(Japanese Yen): 3,024 Discontinued
A toothpick is displayed. Stand two decks and place the toothpick on them. Although one of the decks is removed, the toothpick stays on the remained deck. A spectator tries the same thing, but fails to balance the toothpick on the deck.
MSRP(Japanese Yen): 1,980 See Yahoo! Currency Converter
Two Quarter coins are placed in a transparent cup. Performer covers the cup with a coaster, and shakes it. When the coins are removed from the cup, they have changed to Dollar coins.
MSRP(Japanese Yen): 2,420 See Yahoo! Currency Converter
A spectator selects a card and returns it back to the deck. Then, another card is selected from the deck. When the second card is inserted into the side of the deck, it comes out from the other side, converted to the first selected card.
MSRP(Japanese Yen): 3,080 See Yahoo! Currency Converter
Blind Sight
The performer can tell which poker chip or which coin is in the brass case. The case can be sealed in an envelope. The props are examinable at any time.
MSRP(Japanese Yen): 3,024 Discontinued
Perfect Link
A spectator threads a ribbon through a metal ring, and holds each end of the ribbon. Then, the performer removes off the ring from the ribbon under a handkerchief. The props are examinable after performance.
MSRP(Japanese Yen): 2,808 Discontinued
A quarter coin in placed in a transparent case, which is shut by a transparent lid. The performer shows the both hands are empty. When the case is shaken, the quarter coin transforms to a 10 yen coin. The performer hands the 10 yen coin to audience. The case is examinable too.
MSRP(Japanese Yen): 1,650 See Yahoo! Currency Converter
Perfect Egg
Performer takes a piece of paper. Tear a center of the piece of paper. The paper becomes an egg visually. Performer breaks the egg to prove the real one.
MSRP(Japanese Yen): 2,592 Discontinued
Hexagonal Ellis Ring
This is an improved Ellis ring. Cross sectional shape is hexagonal. So Magician can show both side of ring. This ring has many possibilities.
MSRP(Japanese Yen): 3,888 Discontinued
A spectator selects a card and signs it. There is a window on both sides of the card case, so both sides of the deck are not covered. The selected card is inserted into a side of the deck. As the magician pushes the card back and forth, it moves up a little, just like an elevator goes up to the next floor. The card climbs up little by little and finally reaches to the top. Can be performed very close to audience.
MSRP(Japanese Yen): 8,100 Discontinued
Double Miracle
A prediction envelope is placed in a full view. A spectator inserts a face down card into a deck. The magician takes the five cards that are next to the inserted card. Also, five poker chips are placed with colored face down. A spectator freely selects one from the five cards, and one from the five poker chips. When the prediction envelope is opened, audience discovers that it matches to the spectator's selection of the card and the color of the poker chip. All items are examinable after the performance.
MSRP(Japanese Yen): 3,024 Discontinued
Disk Escape
There are a blue and red face poker chip, and a metal disk. Before the performance, both faces of them are shown to the audience. A rope is threaded through holes in the center of them. A spectator holds both ends of the rope. Then, the magician grasps the chip and disk. It is impossible to remove the poker chip or the disk off the rope, but he does. The disk is pulled off from the rope. All the items are examinable immediately after the performance.
MSRP(Japanese Yen): 3,024 Discontinued
Perfect DF
Performer grasps a Dime. Penny is placed on back of hand. Penny is tapped by ballpoint pen. The Dime & Penny change place visibly.
MSRP(Japanese Yen): 3,132 Discontinued
Coin Thru Coin
Performer assembles 3 tubes. Set a large coin inside of tube. And input 4 small coins in the tube. A small coin penetrates the large coin one by one. This tube has diabolical secret. So audience cannot do same thing.
MSRP(Japanese Yen): 3,024 Discontinued
Glass Thru
Performer puts red and blue chip inside of glass. The red chip penetrates bottom of glass. Red and blue chip are examinable one by one
MSRP(Japanese Yen):  Half dollar size - 3,132  500 yen size - 3,024  Discontinued
Chain Thru
There is a hole on bolt & nut. Spectator sets these holes, and threads a chain the hole. The chain locks bolt & nut. Performer threads a chain the hole. Bolt & nut are not locked All items are examinable.
MSRP(Japanese Yen): 3,888 Discontinued
Card Thru Bolt
A playing card is sandwiched between 2 plastic plates. There is a hole center of them. Bolt & nut lock them. But the playing card penetrates the bolt. All items are examinable.
MSRP(Japanese Yen): 1,944 Discontinued
Super Sound Monte
There are 3 tubes. Put a bullet into a tube. The bullet makes rattle sound inside of tube. Magician changes place these tubes. A spectator cannot detect where there is the bullet. The tube has not only old principle, but also new idea. So spectator can shake the tube.
MSRP(Japanese Yen): 4,104 Discontinued

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